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World’s Deadliest Drug: Devil’s Breath

Posted: August 19, 2015 by in Addiction Treatment Care Center

Addiction Treatment Care Center

Scopolamine, commonly referred to as Devil’s Breath, is a Colombian drug known for leaving users in a zombie-like trance. It temporarily blocks memory receptors in the brain. The substance can take effect from being inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through pores in the skin – which make Devil’s Breath a drug to fear. Unfortunately, the case of this drug in much addiction treatment center rehabilitation is increasing.

How Scopolamine is administered

Scopolamine is valued and feared in Colombia because of how easy it is to administer to a victim. The most common way is a criminal will walk down the street, blow the particles into a person’s face, follow the victim for about five minutes until the drug takes effect, and then take control of the victim for criminal’s own needs and wants. Most individuals in Colombia go so far as to stay clear of the plant the drug comes from.  They are frightened that they will be drugged by strolling beside the flowers and inhaling the pollen.

What happens on Devil’s Breath?

The victims have been forced to clear out their bank accounts, perform prostitution, sell their organs, and other hateful actions that would normally be unthinkable. According to Addiction Treatment Care Center, at the point when the substance takes effect, individuals lose control over themselves, and are easily forced to do things which they not normally do. In some cases, some people have gone so far like rape and murder other victims. Therefore, addiction to this type of drug really needs a comprehensive treatment in qualified addiction treatment center rehabilitation.

Devil’s Breath can also be easily hidden in other drugs, usually cocaine. After being processed, Devil’s Breath takes on the same texture and color as cocaine, so the two can certainly be confused.   The powdery white substance is usually kept in small pouch or envelopes so that the seller does not have to actually touch the substance.

How Devil’s Breath Affects the United States

The Devil’s Breath may be a new issue in the media, but this kind of drug has been around for several years. Addiction Treatment Care Center said that it is more feared than Anthrax in Colombia. Some believe that the drug will remain local to Colombia, but there have been some cases where individuals have tried to smuggle Devil’s Breath across the border. Since the United States’ main supplier of cocaine is Colombia, Devil Breath is certainly a drug to be on the watch for.

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