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Top 5 Unusual Behaviors of an Alcoholic

Posted: January 10, 2015 by in Addiction Treatment Care Center

behaviors of an alcoholic


Taking a Booze to Uplift Mood

If you depend on liquor to change your mood, you very well might be suffering from addiction. A glass of champagne to toast a special event or a single bottle of beer while you watch a sporting event is totally acceptable. However, utilizing liquor in large amounts with the intention of making yourself feel better or happier is a typical indication of alcoholism.

Drinking to “Fit in” in a Social Setting

Are you considering drinking booze just to fit in? If you have trouble feeling relaxed in a social gathering unless you have consumed a mood-changing beverage, you may possibly have a problem. You should not have to consume alcohol just to experience a sense of normalcy in a circle of friends. If you frequently find yourself in this scenario, you could be relying too much on liquor to manage everyday social situations.

Hands are Shaking

Shaking hands are a one of the most well-known telltale signs that someone is an alcoholic. If you’re experiencing tremors in your grip, this might be because of damaged nerves in your body due to excessive intake of alcoholic beverages. If this happens a lot, you need to seek professional advice from places like Alcoholic Treatment Center Stamford or better yet undergo alcohol detoxification treatment.

Secretly Consuming Alcohol

If you are regularly consuming alcohol in secret or lying about alcohol use to family and friends, then you must realize that there is something wrong with your behavior. There’s no point in hiding activities that are perfectly normal. The fact that you cannot be open and upfront about your alcohol consumption is a manifestation of guilt. You probably know that you have an issue but are still in the stage of denial and are unwilling to look for help. You just have to admit the fact that this is a clear sign of alcoholism and the best help available is Alcoholic Treatment Center Stamford.

Morning Drinking Habit

If you started your morning with liquor as a breakfast, you without a doubt have issues with alcoholism. There is no good reason to be drinking first thing in the morning, unless your body craves alcohol so much that you feel as though you cannot start your day right without a drink.

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