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Facts about Underage Drinking

Posted: August 4, 2015 by in Addiction Treatment Care Center

Underage drinking has become one of the major concerns for parents. As a result, parents often have a wide range of questions such as, why are they doing it? What are the major risks? As parents, what can we do about it? Treatment recovery services can provide answers to every question that you may have.

Why are they doing it?

  • Cheap alcoholic drinks. A bottle of alcohol can cost as low as a few dollars at some local liquor stores. Because of this, society makes it easy and affordable to acquire alcohol.
  • Parental Influence. Children look up to their parents more than anyone else. As role models, if parents drink in front of their children, chances are, they will imitate drinking.
  • Peer Pressure. If a child is surrounded by peers that find drinking cool, it is easier for that child to adopt that behavior. Not only because they want to experience it, but also the pressure to fit-in with has had close-friends made it difficult to refuse.
  • Proxy buying. This means other people go into the store to purchase the alcohol on behalf of the underage person who will consume the beverage.

What are the major risks?

  • An underage drinker is more at-risk to take other drugs because of an impaired state of mind.
  • Drinking early in life may lead to the road of alcoholism.
  • Alcohol damages the brain. Memory and concentration greatly diminish, which could result in poor school or academic performance.
  • Drinking may lead to unwanted pregnancies. Young intoxicated people are more likely to have unprotected sex.
  • In addition to the previous statement, drinking may also lead to increased promiscuous sexual activities which have a higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs.
  • Getting overly drunk puts you at risk of being taken advantage of in a sex crime.
  • Drinking may cause people to erupt in uncontrollable fits of rage. Therefore, violence can easily occur at home, school, or anywhere.
  • With irrational, illegal behavior, you can get a criminal record as early as 10 years old. For a promising child, the tarnished record is the worst thing to happen in his or her life.

What can a parent do about it?

  • First of all, parents must not drink in front of their children. This will greatly influence them in a positive manner.
  • Make sure that your children mingle with the right company. If you let them hang out with the right people, chances are they will develop good-safe hobbies which will keep them away from drinking.
  • Do not rely on other channels or mediums to teach your children about the dangers of alcohol. You must take the step to educate them as early as possible.
  • Be open and talk to your children about alcohol and its dangerous effects. You are the best person to talk candidly about alcohol and give proper advice to your children.

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