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Withdrawal Symptoms? Will I get them?

The irregular and erratic nature of alcohol and drug withdrawals can present countless challenges for the suffering individual. Withdrawal symptoms from the same substance can have unpredictable effects. The withdrawal symptoms a suffering individual will experience are determined by existing mental and physical health conditions, type of substance abused, and other issues such as genetics.
However, individuals may experience mild withdrawal symptoms after long term drug and alcohol abuse, while others can face fatal complications. When the toxic chemicals drugs and alcohol accumulates is suddenly removed, the suffering individuals body will instantly start rejuvenating itself. Withdrawals can be exceptionally challenging mentally and physically. Overriding the symptoms with correct medication, our supporting staff can lessen the symptoms of withdrawal.

Can I Detox at Home?

The recovering individual may possibly become confused while going through withdrawal. During this period, apprehensive, he or she is more likely to undergo a relapse. Withdrawal may possibly cause paranoia, and the recovering substance abuser might hurt themselves or others when going through imagined attacks.

Individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction under no circumstances attempt to detox without a companion available to monitor their withdrawal symptoms. It may be difficult to make certain of around the clock supervision at home during the detoxification process. It is possible withdrawals can cause seizures that require crucial medical care. If a seizure happens at home, the care might not happen in time. Also, if the person in recovery relapses at home, they are more likely to overdose.

What are Withdrawals?

Withdrawing symptoms and their severity vary from person to person. Symptoms may include but, are not limited to, chills, nausea, fever, insomnia, depression, anxiety, sweating, muscle aches and spasms, paranoia, hallucinations, and seizures.

Muscle aches and spasms may possibly cause tremendous amounts of pain. These symptoms are seen during withdrawal from the opiate family, including prescription pills like Oxycodone and Codeine or street drugs like heroin.

Then there are stimulants like methamphetamines and cocaine. Withdrawal from stimulants can throw someone into an extremely depressive state-of-mind and may come to be seriously suicidal. Alcohol withdrawals could trigger seizures and frightening hallucinations.

Recovery is Possible

Going through withdrawals while at our facility offers a break from the triggers of the real world and provides a variety of traditional and modern therapy methods to help make the treatment and withdrawal process comfortable and safe.

Our treatment center is an understanding community of mental and medical health professionals and clients in various periods of recovery. Going through rehabilitation with our compassionate staff may increase the probabilities of transformation that contributes to lifelong sobriety.

The primary purpose of our medically assisted withdrawal period is preserving our client’s safety and to managing the severity of withdrawal symptoms, by utilizing medication applicable to the suffering individuals needs without obstructing the detoxification process.

The time is now; recovery is possible.

We are here—all you have to do is take the first step and call (203) 989-2443to get help today!