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Addiction Treatment Care Center

Scopolamine, commonly referred to as Devil’s Breath, is a Colombian drug known for leaving users in a zombie-like trance. It temporarily blocks memory receptors in the brain. The substance can take effect from being inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through pores in the skin – which make Devil’s Breath a drug to fear. Unfortunately, the case […]


Addiction recovery is a challenge for the psyche and the body as well. Restoring one’s life from the start to the end – perspective, relationships, goals and coping mechanisms – might seem daunting at the beginning, and this fear has made many addicted individuals report that they procrastinated in going to addiction treatment recovery services […]

Underage drinking has become one of the major concerns for parents. As a result, parents often have a wide range of questions such as, why are they doing it? What are the major risks? As parents, what can we do about it? Treatment recovery services can provide answers to every question that you may have. […]

How Do I Safely Stop Taking Heroin

The safest way to stop taking heroin is under medical supervision. There are people that can help treat you directly or refer you to assessments and services in your area such as addiction specialists, clinical social worker, licensed clinical psychologist, medical doctor and a psychiatrist.

Signs of Addiction

Drug or alcohol addiction is an alarming experience, especially if a loved one is affected by it. Almost 52 million Americans aged 12 and older have used prescription drugs non-medically at some point of their lives. There are signs that are visible to addicted people like changes in behavior, change in appearance, engaging in risky […]

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