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Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism overwhelms the will-power of an individual abuser and we recognize the struggle in overcoming alcohol addiction. Alcohol is easy to get to, low-priced, and legal. Drinking is glamorized and promoted in restaurants, gas stations and more. Due to alcohols availability, it is one of the most frequently abused substances.

Dangers of Alcoholism

An individual who is battling the bottle, will generally deny an alcohol problem exists. Alcohol addiction, any addiction of that matter, can challenge loved ones to identify with the struggling individual. That said, there are several different signs of alcohol abuse, some more evident than others. However, some early behaviors that indicate an individual may be suffering with alcoholism include but not limited to memory-loss/blackouts, loss of employment, anxiety/depression, and strained relationships.

Some of the later signs and behaviors of alcohol abuse are cirrhosis, seizures, confusion, gastrointestinal bleeding, and anemia. Unfortunately, many alcoholics ignore these symptoms and are not open about their drinking and deny having a problem.

If you feel a loved one is battling the early behaviors of alcohol abuse, it may be time to pursue professional help and treatment. If excessive drinking continues and no action is taken, there is serious health consequence that cause serious damage to the body and brain, leading to fatality.

Overcoming Alcoholism

Several suffering individuals who come to our treatment center have been through rehabilitation in the past and remained powerless over alcohol. Other times, something traumatic comes about, and the suffering individual thinks drinking is a solution to their problem and pain. Unexpectedly, they find themselves recapping old behaviors of alcohol abuse. For this reason, we create individual treatment plans for each client. It is vital for a suffering individual to start treatment with detoxification to ease the withdrawal pain, allowing the individual to be clear-headed and fully committed to their recovery. Also, the suffering individual will undergo individual and group therapy to help overcome their alcoholism and will teach them tools they can utilize for long-term sobriety.

Group therapy focuses more on improving the recovering individual’s social skills and repairing feelings loneliness and low self-esteem. Also, it shows him or her they are not fighting this battle alone.

Individual therapy is where a trained therapist will work one-on-one with your loved one- in a caring and safe environment. Working one-on-one will allow the recovering alcoholic to work through leading and challenging memories, set goals, recognize characteristics of their life they would like to change, and work in the direction of anticipated change.

Recovery is Possible

Our facility looks at alcoholism as a disease and during alcohol treatment we strive to help all recovering individuals overcome alcoholism and go on living happy, healthy lives – freed from alcohol.
Long-term sobriety is conceivable. We can help. Call us today at: