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A Friendly Reminder: Don’t be Afraid of Addiction Recovery

Posted: August 11, 2015 by in Addiction Treatment Care Center


Addiction recovery is a challenge for the psyche and the body as well. Restoring one’s life from the start to the end – perspective, relationships, goals and coping mechanisms – might seem daunting at the beginning, and this fear has made many addicted individuals report that they procrastinated in going to addiction treatment recovery services because they were frightened.

What are patients afraid of? According to Psyche Central, the most usual fears among each patient headed into addiction treatment recovery services include:

  • Overcoming sobriety
  • Being able to uphold long sobriety
  • Being rejected and social stigma by others
  • Being successful in different life in addiction recovery and sobriety
  • Being depressed , angry or frustrated
  • Losing one’s sense of identity

Discovering New Coping Strategies

For some people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs, taking and using drugs is the only way to cope strategy that have to manage with discomfort issues and circumstances. The mindset of facing the whole world without these vices can be overwhelming to say the least. However with the proper treatment programs that provides guidance and support in how to live positively and successfully, you can know how to deal with difficult emotions and unanticipated stressors.

Building a New Life

When living in the world of addiction, an addicted individuals often determines himself as an addict first. Before he go to his role in his family, at work or study, or his goals for the future, his deeply concern is anything that has to do with staying and getting high.

With all that exposed away, the day seem very long, Most addicts feel that putting drugs and alcohol in the previous means stepping outside of their identity or personality and trying become someone else and some are fearful and scared that they will be unproductive at such as immense task and experience stigma or rejection from others as they try to process of building a fresh life for themselves.

Overcoming Fear

Addiction is a fierce mental and psychological disorder as well as psychical illness. No one is expected to face the problem alone. The very best way to struggle the fear of recovery is to start addiction treatment rehabilitation process with an intensive professional addiction treatment recovery services and follow up care with helpful aftercare support and services.

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  1. Basim Elhabashy

    Very nice information. It is very helpful to the people who want to overcome their addiction. Keep sharing.

    • Kate Allen

      Thank you! I’ve been hearing stories from other people who are afraid of getting into rehab and get treatment so I have come up with this kind of topic. Thank you for appreciating my work.